Baobab Collection Max - Aurum (Verschiedene Größen) - Max 24

€225.00 - €246.45 (inkl. Versand)

Funktionen und technische Details

Notes: Precious Jasmine, Divine Musk.A sophisticated addition to your home’s interior décor, Baobab’s luxurious scented candles bring a comforting homely vibe with the added pleasure of intoxicating scents. Hand-poured into elegant glass jars, yellow gold from the outside and rose gold from the inside, the candle’s flickering flames illuminate your room with a festive glow, creating an inviting ambiance.Powdery floral notes of Jasmine married with a deep, musky backdrop transport the senses back in time, to pleasant memories of yesteryears. Featuring four wicks for an even and slow burn, the ornate candle makes for an exquisite gift or garnish on your mantlepiece.Approximate burn times by size:Max 10: 60 hoursMax 16: 150 hoursMax 24: 400 hoursMax 35: 800 hours
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